Our history

The Team Service was founded in 1996 by the entrepreneurial intuition of Franco Poletti who, thanks to the experience and reputation acquired  to the twenty-year partnership with the Kassbohrer, decided to apply his skills, matured mostly in the field, to a wider range of activity.
The basic values that Franco wanted to give to the company and consequently to all the people, who work in it and for it are: the high quality of the product, short delivery times, the competitive price and the search for a direct relationship with the customer to guarantee, in addition to the supply of our products, a consultancy service and assistance before and after sales. It is to authenticate these basic principles that Franco has created a dynamic company with a very flexible structure, which is able to guarantee the same service to all its customers, regardless of the types and quantities of products requested and their location in the world.
In 2006, with the entry in the social group of Michele Iorio, Team Service widens its horizons both in terms of product, with the sale of conveyor belts and chair lift belt, and the market.
In 2010 Team Service became the exclusive distributor for Italy and coordinator of all the building sites of the company Josef Wiegand GmbH & CO KG, a company producing rail-rolled tracks, summer and winter slides and land transport systems.
This activity is managed by a special section of the company called Team Emotion.
In 2011, Team Service decided to develop its own conveyor belt. The product can be appreciated in the specific section of the site. At the same time as the introduction of new products into the market, the company decided to expand its markets, creating a distribution network that currently covers 14 countries.
Team Service is also specialized in the maintenance of conveyor belts and chair lift belt of the former Compac brand.